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The environment  is a natural area that is important for us as human beings.

We should conserve  the environment for other generations to come.

We  should  do the following  to conserve the environment:

  • Water conservation

This is the process of reducing waste among the  water bodies and using water efficiently to reduce unnecessary water wastage.

The environment contains different  water bodies to  help living organisms, including human beings to  survive  in  the environment.

  • Controlling air pollution

This means  reducing  the amount of air pollution  in the environment ,making it suitable for organisms to live  in  harmony . Air is important  for us to live in the environment.

  • Waste management

This is the process of collecting, disposing and controlling the  amount  of  garbage and waste  in a way that is safe for the environment and living things. Proper waste management helps us prevent air, water, and soil pollution.

The reason  behind  conserving our environment  is because the environment is our home as well as home to other  living  organisms .We  should always be  considerate  about  others  in the environment.

The  environment  is  our  home ,we  should  conserve it.



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