Africa Kids Book Club

Archer’s Post – Community Library

In September 2020, we initiated the revival of the community library project at Archer’s post in Samburu East. 

The project is hosted by Archer’s Post Catholic Parish. The projects aim is to keep the youth in this semi- urban community busy and away from negative social –cultural influence such as early marriages for the girls, drug addiction, school dropout and cattle rustling. 

We were able to refurbish and restock the old library that was not in use by the community. We also donated a computer to help give the children access to ICT.

We also noted that basketball is a key social activity that keep the teens in this community busy. By supporting basketball, the teens can be motivated to use the library as well. 

The support required in this area is

  • Basketball kit (Male & female)
  • Shoes & balls for the youth
  • Basketball court. The youth currently play in an unpaved earthen court.
Before renovation
After renovation