Africa Kids Book Club

About Us

Africa Kids Book Club is a social enterprise that fosters a reading culture amongst children where they have fun while reading.

 We believe that reading is food to the brain and when introduced at a young age, children will be better placed to understand and enjoy learning at school.

 We nurture young readers to become future transformative leaders by helping them to discover and develop their potential. Our focus areas are:


Our main focus is African literature. 

We read African authored books with an aim of getting more knowledge of and from our African continent. 

We read and review English and Kiswahili books. 


The Team

The book club was founded in 2017 by Monica Nyambura, an author and educator. 

The team that manages the programs include 9 trained facilitators and 2 volunteers. 

Monica Nyambura

Author | Mentor

Monica Nyambura is an educator with a passion for kids and books. She is the founder of Africa Kids Book club where she also mentors the children and is the Author of Discover the Real You and Chronicles of Life and Love , a collection of poems.


Poet | Blogger | Mentor

Maggie is made up of words- speaking, reading or writing them. She is a poet, an upcoming author, a blogger and a mentor. She teaches Economics and Entrepreneurship. She is in love with living life to the fullest and loves working with children.


Early childhood educator

Sharon Odhiambo is an early childhood educator and a facilitator. She loves working with children and helping them improve in reading and writing.


Kindergarten Teacher

Catherine is a kindergarten teacher with a passion for art and children’s crafts. She is an entrepreneur and an aspiring children’s author.


Blogger/ Poet

John is a book and poetry fanatic who will almost always be found nose-deep in a good read. He enjoys working with kids, especially pre-teens and early teens, with whom he shares his delight in stories. He is currently a law student and hopes to one day write a book of his own.



Maya is a books enthusiast and an avid reader who enjoys working with children. She has read over 500 books in the last 19 years and is passionate about sharing the experience of travel and exploration offered by reading with kids. She also has a passion for protecting and conserving the environment and is an excellent swimmer. She is currently an International Relations student at a local university.

Rose Makena

Book Club Coordinator

Rose is a poetry,books and travel enthusiast who loves working with children. She is a professional social worker and our current Book Club Coordinator. Rose envisions a world where children can freely access learning and education.

Muthei Muni

Storyteller| Writer |Analyst

Muthei is a storyteller and writer. She immerses herself into life and loves writing about the intricate details of the beauty of life from her observations. She always looks forward to sharing a laugh with the kids and learns from them as much as they learn from her. She also doubles as a Geomatic Engineer and Gis analyst.



Joan Oira is a 22 year old who has a passion for reading and instilling knowledge in children.She is currently a literature student at Catholic University of East Africa. She also loves to read and her favourite books are: Sleeping Beauty and A Thousand Splendid Suns. She is also a crochet enthusiast.