Africa Kids Book Club

Our Services

1. Monthly Kids Book Club (4-14 years)

The children are grouped into age clusters and reading levels as follows; (4-6yrs) (7-8yrs) (9-10yrs) (11-14yrs). Each group has a maximum of 12 children with 1 facilitator.
We meet every first Saturday of the month at our Study Centre. Time: 11.00am- 1.00 pm Venue: ASK Show grounds, Nanyuki Town.
We meet every last Saturday of the month. Time: 1.30- 4.30 pm Venue: Outdoors

2. Study Center

3. Library Services.

We offer library services for our members with books from all over the world. Please get in touch with us on how to become a member of the kids book club and enjoy this service.

4. One on One Sessions.

We offer one on one sessions for children who require individualised attention to improve their reading and writing skills. These meetings can be either physical or virtual.

Other programs

Teens Book Club

Teen Author Program

Holiday Book Club