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We start the year with a somber feeling because our kids book club family lost one of our parents, Caroline Kamau who was called to be with the lord on January 3rd. This article is dedicated to her because she was very supportive to the kids book
club activities and initiatives. As I reflect on her participation during our kids book club meetings, I am encouraged because she understood and supported our cause of nurturing a reading culture amongst children.

I am encouraged because is an example of a parent who supports their kids in their education and out of school activities by walking the talk. Caroline enrolled her two children during our annual kids book fair that we hosted in 2019. Seldom did the kids miss our monthly book club meetings and when they did, she ensured that she discussed the books with her kids. Together with her husband, they attended our parent’s meetings and not only gave us useful feedback but also suggestions on ways to improve the kids reading club. So keen was Caroline in her children’s participation that she noticed an error on our part when we issued one of her kids with a book they had previously read. She knew what her kids were reading and that is encouraging.

May the soul of Caroline Kamau rest in eternal peace and may your light shine through your children.

We had a fruitful 2022 because as we were able to expand our services to Nanyuki in April 2022. Our kids reading club is growing, we are reaching more kids, nurturing a reading culture and contributing positively to education for kids in our

The theme for 2023 is a continuation of last year, READING AND BEYOND as we nurture not only the kids reading culture but their talents too.

This year, I urge parents to take a closer interest in what your child is reading. If possible read books with your child to get to know the content your child is exposed to and better still this will create a bonding moment with your child.

Let us support and encourage our kids to seek knowledge so that we can have a generation of African children who are knowledgeable, confident, articulate and proud to be Africans. We will rely on this generation, our children, to write the African story, their story, for the next generation, their children.

Wishing you a year full of God’s blessings.

Monica Nyambura

Founder & Author

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