Africa Kids Book Club


There was no better feeling than walking into the Karura picnic area and seeing our rebranded red Tshirts and our members so eager to join the first physical session since February. It was a reconnection and everyone greeted each other cordially (no handshakes and hugs- which was sad).

We separated to our various groups and I could hear as our members laughed, read and reviewed the books (it was Kiswahili and they toughened it out) all eagerly raising their hands to contribute to the session. The one and a half hour review session flew by swiftly to the shock of so many.

It was time for the real jewel of visiting Karura;the hike. Who knew that speaking to children was so therapeutic. They traded all kinds of stories on school, holidays and home life with their peers and their facilitators and I as one of them was so honored to be let in to their ways of thinking and intriguing stories (side bar with me for some of these very interesting stories). The trail was made of tree canopies, dark jungles to one side with rustic, out of a movie signs at junctions for guidance.

With only a few minutes left before departure time, we had to cut our nature trail short which meant that we were unable to visit the waterfalls (this will be our first priority in the upcoming session). We reconvened at the Picnic area for a quick bite of mandazi and flavored milk (all very delicious) and surprise lollipops. Sadly, it was way past the time to depart and quick and almost tearful goodbyes were exchanged with promises to see each other during the next session.



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