Africa Kids Book Club

Bomas of Kenya Wrap up session.

We had a fascinating session at Bomas of Kenya on the 27th of November 2021. It was our first physical meetup in months and our last for the year. Excitement was in the air. This session had been so anticipated that our parents also joined us in our activities.

We were all dressed in our red branded t-shirts and with some accessorizing with bangles and headgear to celebrate our African culture which was our 2021 theme.

We moved to reading through the Swahili books in the open field and all groups were buried in deep concentration as they eagerly sought to answer questions, give their opinions on the books and read through the books; all riding through the adventures contained in the pages

We then congregated for the snack and everyone rushed to pick up their soda and crisps. It was also an opportunity for the kids to reconnect with their friends whom they had not seen in so long. Stories of school, play and life were traded with laughter and smiles all around.

Slotted next was the traditional Kenyan homestead visits at the Bomas of Kenya. It was interesting to see the traditional homesteads of different communities with some having separate huts for the man and his wife (or wives). Photos were taken as the kids raced from one homestead to another as they tried to capture in their mind’s eye every homestead visit.

The fun afternoon was not yet over. We headed to the Bomas auditorium for the traditional dances which was the icing on the cake. Some dancers also performed skits and at the end we all joined the dancers and danced our hearts out (even those with two left feet were allowed to dance).

The bitter-sweet moment finally arrived as the kids, facilitators and parents exchanged goodbyes and see-you-next-year.

As a facilitator of the book club, I can clearly say that hanging out with the children for the few hours might give me more joy than it gives them. I’m so happy to see them continually growing into such productive, knowledgeable and virtuous members of society.

We look forward to seeing all of you next year both our current members and those who are looking to join us.

Have yourselves an enjoyable holiday and keep safe.


By John Ian Mutiro