Africa Kids Book Club

Celebrating Our Uniqueness.

They say that we live in our minds. We spend a good amount of time in our minds and so we need to be careful of our thoughts, how we speak to ourselves and the ideas that we adopt about ourselves and others.

Did you also know that the likelihood of the existence of another person somewhere on this earth that looks exactly like you is one in a trillion? We have better chances of winning the jackpot than having a doppelganger. The odds are extremely slim and so we get to appreciate the uniqueness of our essence. We are all amazing in our own complex ways. There is no one like you out there, and that is your stronghold. Every part of you was expertly created; who you are at your core, how you move, how you laugh at the weirdest things, your habits and how you speak about the things you love. All which is within one in a trillion, so imagine how absolutely unique and beautiful your existence is.

However, since the outside world sometimes seems like it’s having the time of its life, we lose sight of our essence. Who we are is watered down and slowly we forget what makes us unique. After a while, the worst place to be becomes our minds. No one including ourselves is enjoying the wild ride of our lives. We want to watch the wild rides of others. We are quick to compare and wish for another person’s life, irrespective of their unseen struggles and shortcomings. We are all human and we all fall short of perfection. The truth is, we are where we were meant to be at this very moment, and we are exactly who we were destined to be.

By: Muthei Muni