Africa Kids Book Club

101 of Becoming an Engineer

As much as we’re going to talk about becoming an engineer, this secret is for anything we sought out to do or become. I believe that all is possible, if you believe in yourself. 

You’ve got to believe in yourself. 


Because what we think about ourselves, becomes our reality. What we say about ourselves, also becomes our reality. They did a test and they found out that if you speak to a plant positively and in an uplifting way for a period of time, it will bloom. And if you do the opposite and speak to it in a negative way, it will wither. 

Let’s turn that back to ourselves. Do we put ourselves down or do we uplift ourselves no matter what people think? We’ve got to believe in ourselves and believe that we can. Because when we believe we can, that’s where the power lies. 

Sometimes we believe the lies; from ourselves and from other people. We shortchange ourselves and we allow other people to speak over our goals. 

Remember that some visions and goals may only make sense to you because they are yours, they flow from your heart. And when people don’t understand our goals and dreams, they might not even be aware that in their misunderstanding they are speaking negatively over them and killing them slowly. Nevertheless, because these visions are ours, let’s hold them dearly and delicately share only where they may be positively received.

Go back into yourself and empower yourself. I am aware that it may be hard at times, but remember why you want this and how much are you willing to do to reach this goal.  Be it engineer, doctor, lawyer, business person among many other things. Therefore, let’s keep pushing and empowering ourselves.  


Muthei Muni

Facilitator for Batian group (11-14yrs)