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                                       WHY WE SHOULD CONSERVE THE ENVIRONMENT.

The environment  is what surrounds us.

The environment contains plants, animals and human beings. 

Conserving  the environment  is a key  point that we should observe  as good stewards of the environment. 

The reasons  why we should conserve the environment are:


    • They increase the amount of  rainfall and  help  in  farming activities.

    • The  plants  and  animals  in  our environment  are  a source  of  food and  also manure.

    • The environment  also improves air quality  and soil quality  through  trees and cover crops.

    • The environment also  provides shelter  to  animals.

When we  keep  our  environment  clean, we make  our  houses ,schools  and  other  places a suitable place  to  be in and  no  diseases  or  pests  may  disturb our  peace.

We can conserve  the environment by not  littering  around ,planting more  trees  in  our  environment  and  learning  more about  our environment  to  warn  about the  dangers of  not  keeping  our  environment  safe. 


We  should conserve  the  environment as this  is  the  only  place  we  live  in ,and for  future  generations,for the better  of  our  planet



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  1. This is true and well said. We are proud that there is a generation thinking about conserving and protecting our environment.

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