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Our environment is from my perspective not  looking very good .We are using up all of our precious resources here on earth. We are running out of time  to  fix  this  for  our future  generations  as we don’t  want  them to know  earth as a barren wasteland where life once  prospered.

There  are very  many ways we can fix what is happening,  such  as;

  • Reducing our carbon footprint  by  using less coal and  fuels  and  switching to more  efficient and effective  ways  like  electricity.
  • Stop  the industrial  use  of  harmful  gases in  factories  as they constantly  let  them out into  our fresh  air which  is not  good  for our surrounding life.
  • Plant as  many  trees  as  possible.
  • Find more efficient  means of transportation as  vehicles  with  combustion  engines produce harmful  gases  through  the  exhaust. If  we  use  those ways  and  stop overusing our precious resources,we could all easily make  earth  great  again for our  future generations.

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  1. Oh wow! What a piece from a generation that is already feeling the impact of our mistake of not properly caring for the environment!

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