Africa Kids Book Club would like 2021 to be the year we celebrate our culture and pass on our heritage to the younger generations who are our children, and book club members.

Our theme for 2020 was Books and Technology.

We wanted the children to embrace technology as book enthusiasts. In hindsight, we were preparing for a period where the children were to embrace technology as a form of formal education due to the Covid -19 pandemic.  As an outdoor kids book club, the pandemic affected our operations since we could not have physical meetings. However, being true to our annual theme, we embraced technology and continued with our sessions albeit virtually. The kids are now not only familiar with technology but are conversant with its use as well.

Our main focus as a kids book club is African literature.  We want the children to know and appreciate the African story so that they can continue sharing it. The story will be theirs to tell because they are and will remain proud of who they are and where they have come from as Africans. Better still, we will encourage and challenge them to envision and innovate a better Africa for the future generations.

Our monthly book club sessions will not only include reviewing books but also learning about our African culture. We shall help the children learn and understand how our culture is interrelated with our daily activities, our environment, our religion, social interaction, trade, diplomacy, housing, food among others. We shall highlight the diversity of the African people as well as the similarities.

At the end of the year, we are confident that the children attending our book club will have more knowledge of the African continent, it’s culture, its challenges and triumphs. We envisage children who are proud to be African and who will pass our heritage to the next generation.

Our Hash tag for 2021 is I AM AFRICAN CULTURE.

I welcome your child/ children to join our kids book club as we celebrate our African culture.

Monica Nyambura