STEM Essay: The Milky Way


The Milky Way is a galaxy made up of more than two hundred billion stars. It is very old, at the age of thirteen billion years of age. The neighboring galaxy is called the Andromeda Galaxy, after a beautiful lady from Greek mythology, perhaps because of its beauty. It is much bigger, about some 2.5 million light-years away. Some research shows that the two galaxies are to collide in the next few million years. Our solar system is the best-known part of this mysterious and dangerous galaxy. I call it dangerous because of what lies at the center of it, a story for another time. Our solar system is a few billion years younger than the Milky Way, said to have formed in what we call ‘the Big Bang’. The Milky Way is a very interesting phenomenon. To get from one end of it to the other would take a few tens of thousands of years, comparing it to the Voyager Two’s journey to Neptune ALONE. It reached speeds of at least forty thousand kilometers per hour, yet it took twelve years to get to Neptune. You get my drift.

Essay by Mark Mwai, 12 years.