Africa Kids Book Club


We believe that every child deserves an opportunity to read, to open their minds, to dream and to open their world no matter their social or economic background.

We have initiated a non- profit project that will support schools and communities in the rural areas access books and other reading materials.

Our goal as a club is to ensure that our school/ community book club project is sustainable by;

  • Establishing a reading club for children aged from 4 years to 14 years
  • Donating books, magazines, newspapers, computers
  • Introducing library services
  • Capacity building for the book club patrons & facilitators
  • Mentorship for the children
  • Building a library
  • Introducing technology in the library :e-readers & computers
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the progress every 6 months.

1. Suguta – Reading Club

The Patron is Mr.Kanary, the head teacher of Suguta Consolata Primary School. However, the project also caters for children living in the Suguta community.

We initiated this project in April 2019 and here is our progress so far:

  • Established a reading club and appointed a patron
  • Donated books courtesy of our partner East African Educational Publishers and members of our Kids Book Club – Nairobi.
  • Newspaper In Education (NIE) -We donated newspapers in partnership with Nation Media Group’s Junior spot weekly publication. The reading club receives newspapers every week that not only helps the children in their reading skills but also keeping up to date with current affairs

2. Archer’s Post – Community Library

In September 2020, we initiated another social impact non- profit project at Archer’s post-  Samburu County. 

The patron of this project is Fr. Albert of Archer’s Post Catholic Parish. He wants to keep the youth in this semi- urban community busy and away from negative social –cultural influence such as early marriages for the girls, drug addiction, school dropout and cattle rustling. 

We were able to refurbish and restock the old library that was not in use by the community. We also donated a used computer to help give the children access to ICT.

or this library project, we identified the following needs that require our further support:

  • Books – Story books, Text books
  • Exercise books – new or gently used 
  • Desktop computers – used or new 
  • Desks & chairs- used or new
  • Wall hanging materials such as Atlas, Maps, Charts and Photos of key landmarks in the world 
  • Educational videos like National Geographic documentaries 

We also noted that sports (basketball) is a key activity that keep the teens busy. By supporting basketball, the teens can be motivated to use the library. 

The support required in this area is

  • Basketball kit (Male & female)
  • Shoes & balls for the youth
  • Basketball court. The youth currently play in an unpaved earthen court.