Mworia the Warrior by Njoroge Konye

The book is about a village boy, Mworia, who is curious about the caves. They say he is a warrior but the big question is, Is he really a warrior?

There are a few mistakes in the book:

The first is that he said Taxchu the one who told him he was naked but the picture shows him in a cloth. The second one was the giants with one leg. How do they even balance because the leg is on the left side of the body? The third and last one is people who looked like men but were half human. I wish this part was not in the book. I feel it was not age appropriate.

The funny part of the book was the way Taxchu looked- he looked like the funniest clown in the world.

The book is very interesting and has new vocabulary that I learnt. It shows you that if everyone works together we can achieve great things. 


By Austin Kareithi, 11.