Reading is Life

I am honoured to be a facilitator in the kids book club and the exiting Book Club Co-coordinator. I will still be working as a facilitator for my groups (Batian and Teens) though I will miss being the office co-coordinator.

I LOVE READING!!! I don’t think I can describe the depths or heights I loved reading to all I know is for me reading is just a fire in my life. So today, I’ll just share an experience of my love for reading and the experience I’ve had in the book club and hope it inspires you all to do the same.

I grew up in a house full of Ludlums, Ken Follet and David Baldacci which my mum used to devour at that point. My sister also had scores of “Sweet Valley High” (I’m sure that’s not what the younger generation is reading nowadays) and even at a young age, I’d try to read through them. Being raised up in a family where people read where even my extended family instilled in me a love of newspapers or letters; any form of the written word, I just absorbed reading and it became such a big part of my culture.

I yearned to read. My mum described me as a bother since she’d bring storybooks in the evening which I would finish then demand some in the morning (which looking back at it must have been costly for her). As we passed through the streets; I’d ask her to pick books for me. From the smell to the writing, books were always just enticing. My urge for reading was satisfied when I got to class 4 and we finally could use the library which my teacher of English organized for us that time (I thank her every day for that).

You might be wondering why this story is necessary. I have three reasons. One, to show how important having a family which reads together is important in growing one’s reading culture. If you encourage your child by reading for them at a young age and reading with them all along, then they will definitely grow a reading culture. Two, is because some of our members at the book club right now are reading even more than I did then and I could not be prouder. Third, is to inspire children that reading is not a punishment but something you should derive joy and fulfillment in. It should be there as a way to travel and communicate with the world.

I get so nostalgic when I read books like Manga Goes to School, the Muddy Muddy Wedding, Healer of Soles, Ghost of Garba Tula, the Moses Series and others to prepare for my group session or in title selection as these are some of the books that sparked my interest in reading. I feel like a Papa Penguin when I’m with the teens group and as we discuss they bring out such interesting points and I get hope for our country, continent and the world.

And on that very sentimental note (it’s the love speaking), I hope you all can tap into the joys of reading and pick up a book today, tomorrow and for life.

John Ian Mutiro

Batian and Teens Group Facilitator

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