Reading is awesome!

Did you know that you can read books and pictures too? When you look at a picture you are kind of reading it with your mind. You are picking up what you see and using words, in your head, to describe it.

We like to keep our reading sessions short for the young ones. When they listen to each other read, they are hearing the story through the reader, practicing their listening skills, creativity and learning new words.

Children, from a very young age, develop pre-reading skills by looking at pictures, talking about them and turning pages looking for more. They interpret the pictures in their own way and can really tell their own story. Encourage them and add to their knowledge!

At Shira group (4-6 years old), we learn how to read; easing the children into it slowly. We allow them to picture- read and they like to explain what they see before they actually read the page. Each child gets to read a few pages, depending on their ability. The children help each other with new words and pronunciation.

We once read a story about a boy who played football with a fruit. That got us talking about how to make home made footballs. Reading stretches their imagination and develops their creativity.

The best part is that we get to draw and decorate a picture which we take home.

At the end of the session we play fun games, ride bikes or go for long walks.

So much fun at our reading club. Join us for the next one.

Catherine Waithiru

Facilitator – Shira group (4-6 years old)

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Wow! Well done.
Keep encouraging kids to read.

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