My Book Club Experience

By: Mark Maina

My experience at Africa Kids Book Club so far has been quite enjoyable with quite a number of different activities over the last four years which have kept the novelty going. I still cannot believe it has been four years already since I joined in. At school we had a book club but it was disbanded after three months due to kids falling out because of lack of interest. This was because the books that were chosen were rather bland, the  venue was the same over and over again and the sessions were too often. It became very boring after some time. Luckily unlike that club, this one has better books and the sessions are spaced far enough apart to keep members waiting eagerly.

When we had physical lessons (COVID really ruined it), the snacks were great, the venues even better and the sessions extremely good. The sessions were led by very fun facilitators. After each meeting, we were allowed to frolic, play and what-have-you. It made sure that sessions weren’t so bland. The prizes were good too. The trophies and certificates did give a lot of us a good sense of self-esteem. 

Most of the venues were African based, such as cultural museums. At one time, we did go to Karura forest, which I admit, was beneficial in getting to have some physical exercise. Another plus was the amazing views, such as the flora, a bit of fauna here and there, rivers and waterfalls.

The online lessons aren’t bad either. It has been great, since the club was able to adapt so easily to the COVID measures. Even though it is not easy to find some specific hardcopy books nowadays, the club facilitators have been able to have them delivered or recommended bookstores where we could find them. They have also made sure to ensure that the books are within everyone’s price range, what with loss of jobs and cutting of salaries. 

The books have been nice, ranging from historical story books to plays to fictional stories. They have all been quite interesting and fun, some more than others. 

Some activities have been designed to help members with their talents. During the seven month period where COVID was at its peak with affecting people, the online club activities were meant to help with creativity (using readily available items such as old boxes, toilet paper rolls and the like) and enhance certain aspects such as public speaking. It made everything interesting.

This has been the best club I have joined for a long time. I do hope the exemplary culture it has had will continue.

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Catherine Waithiru

What a beautiful write up. Mark, I’m so proud of you. I have seen you grow and you have come full circle. Welcome to the teens club. Congratulations!

Lovely. Well done Mark.

Awesome Mark Maina this is quite a true reflection of what the book club is.. It is so realistic and a great investment as we have seen one of your club mates enjoy.. May you soar to the highest

Caroline Shisubili Maingi

Well done Mark.
Keep writing! You are the only one who can say what you are saying…

Awesome 👍

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