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Is Math hard or is it all about mindset?



The most uninformed stereotype around Mathematics is that it is complex and that it can only be understood by the sharpest individuals. I believe otherwise. Mathematics and all other complex topics are all about mindset.

For instance, think Mathematics as a Sea Monster. If you tackle it without believing in your abilities to do so, you will be swallowed by it. If you believe that you can tackle it, you will succeed. 

The first and  biggest key to living a life full of conquests is believing that you are able to solve complex problems.

All through my years in primary school all the way  to campus, I realized one major thing. If you believe you can, you will. I was a fairly bright student but my success in Mathematics had very little to do with this fact. The biggest reason I regularly topped in Maths was because I decided to take up the challenge. I would look at the complex problems and tell myself I was capable of solving them. In some instances I would even declare that the question was easy to me and  I would be able to do it comfortably. This was all when I had no idea on how to do the question and deep down I was slightly intimidated by it, but I was not going to let it put me down. 

The difference between the positive minded students in school and those that already believed they couldn’t do it, was very clear in the exam results. 

I witnessed my deskmate move from a C- grade to a B+ in our final exams just because she started believing and telling herself that she could do it.

Aside from taking up the challenge, another side of winning the challenge with Mathematics, is to practice, practice, practice. 

When I was in my final year in high-school, I would wake up 45 minutes earlier than everyone so that I could practice my Mathematics. It is a skill, just like anything else. The goal is to master it so well that it is right at your fingertips. As a result of my hard work, practice coupled with a positive mindset that I could do it, I passed with flying colors. In fact, I finished my exam paper so early that I decided to take a nap 😀

Therefore, I believe that it is possible to tackle Mathematics with the right combination. Confidence and Practice. 

We have just unlocked the key to tackling anything hard or complex in our lives. We have to first believe that we can. We have to reject the thoughts that tell us we are not those people who succeed in this hard thing. We have to believe that it can be done by us and done exceptionally well. If we persist, we will do it! 

Muthei Muni

Facilitator – Batian group(11-14yrs)


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