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Household chores are usually tasks that need to be done regularly around the house. From keeping areas tidy and clean, to grocery shopping, cooking food, gardening etc. A lot of times it may seem easier and perhaps faster to allow adults to do them. However, involving children in these tasks from a young age can impart them with many practical life skills, a sense of independence, build their self-esteem and belief that they can contribute to the house.

In this post we shall discuss the benefits that chores can have on your children.

Firstly, it teaches them responsibility. 

By delegating age-appropriate chores to children, they get a sense of mission that they too can actively contribute to the household just like everyone else. It also helps them understand that their actions can impact others in a positive or negative way, for example, not taking out the trash or wiping down the kitchen counters makes it harder for the next person who cooks the family meal.

Secondly, chores allow your child to develop some essential life skills. 

Essential life skills such as being organised, disciplined, having time management, understanding basic financial skills needed in day-to-day life and knowing how to do simple things for yourself such as doing  laundry and meal preparations. These skills developed over time allow children to function better independently.

Furthermore, the chores boost your child’s self-confidence and esteem. The basic ability to do things for themselves and to feel like they contributed to the lives of others gives a sense of accomplishment and pride. Being able to complete simple chores and tasks increases their can-do attitude on taking on future challenges and responsibilities. Recognizing and praising their contributions and encouraging them positively when they face difficulty with the tasks reinforces their sense of self-worth.

Lastly, engaging your children in daily chores can not only make them appreciate the effort it takes to maintain the house but it can also serve to strengthen family bonds. As adults and children engage in chores together, there is more communication, teamwork and even chances to share experiences. It also fosters a sense of solidarity and responsibility as a family unit over the house. And chores can be fun too, if parents are willing to allow a little room for mess and fun for simple tasks like watering plants or wiping the table can be gamified.

Including children in household chores at an early age is beneficial for their development. These chores help in instilling a sense of duty in them, teaching them vital life skills, raising their self-esteem, instilling respect for effort and forging stronger family ties. The chores   provide them with essential tools they need as they grow up to be responsible, capable, and well-rounded adults. Therefore, let’s embrace the positive effects of giving children chores around the house and put them on a path to success and happiness in their future efforts.


Maya Shah

Volunteer facilitator 

Drakensberg Group

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