by: Catherine- Shira Facilitator

27th February  turned out to be a sunny day. That was awesome because our book club session was to be held at the Animal Orphanage in Lang’ata on that day. In line with our theme, I Am African Culture, we taught the children about our beautiful wildlife and the inter-relationship between wildlife and culture throughout time. Sustainable Tourism and Conservation was our topic of the day.

We gathered the children on the lawn in the well-manicured compound and proceeded with our activities which included book reviews and summaries, dictation, book related trivia, games and discussions concerning animal protection and wildlife as a tourist attraction. We had several visitors; the baboons and warthogs that drew gasps of awe and amazement from the children. 

As soon as we finished the first part of our session we set off the Orphanage. Having set the ground rules, we then set off. Each animal we saw drew a different reaction from the children. They loved the lions who were basking in the sun in all their majesty. The lionesses on the other hand weren’t very friendly and kept charging at us, drawing screams of excitement from the children.

We saw monkeys of all sizes. Our favourites were the females who carried their babies on their chest. Our little ones could not understand how the little ones were attached to their mothers. The leopard was posing on a seat, almost as if it was waiting for a photographer. The younger children loved the Guinea Fowl and wild cats. One of them wanted to take a Caracal home. The huge buffalo was grazing quietly in the shade with little birds on its back. Of all the animals the cheetah may have been the hardest to spot as it was camouflaged in the foliage.

We quickly gathered for one last photo at the orphanage’s exit. Our final stop was at the awards where so many of our members were commended for their prowess in dictation. It was soon time to leave and quick farewells were followed by “We look forward to seeing you next time”.

Overall our visit was very productive. We learned lots of facts about the animals, their conservation and their surroundings.

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