environment and Culture.

By: Maggie Mungai- Bintumani Facilitator
Bougainvillea .


That is what I asked the 9 and 10 year old group members to spell out as we picked tiny bunches of the pink flowers. I really did not expect any of them to get it right, but it is their valiant effort that I was proud of most. 

The last Saturday of January marked the first book review session for 2021.

It was a special day. 

A truly special day because it was the first physical meeting since February 2020 BC (Before Covid). 

While the virtual sessions all through last year were wonderful and so digitally convenient, there was a certain spark missing. The kids missed spending the afternoons together. The facilitators sorely missed the face-to-face chats with the children.

And so it was that on 30th January 2021, we all trooped to The Nairobi Arboretum.

The theme for the day? 

The environment and culture

We read and reviewed our storybooks. And if there is something phenomenal about our members, it is how their reading skills improve with each new session. It is how articulate they are becoming. How confident they are as they read out loud, clamor to spell out words, and express themselves.

Clearly not even a pandemic can stop reggae.


The review part done and dusted, we then did a short hike around the park.


Africa Kids Book Club is founded on four pillars: Reading and Writing, Creativity, Public Speaking, and STEM. 

This time, we engaged our kids’ creative side and asked them to collect materials along the trails with which they would later make a collage. 

This is how some of us stumbled upon that beautiful, robust bush with the pink flowers (is it still a bush when it is towering meters above our heads?) 

To say that the children made impressive works of art would be an understatement.




Closing time is always a bustle of soda and snacks, handing out books, and waving cheery goodbyes.

And a glorious goodbye it was. The kind that is said with a deep exhale and wide stretching of muscle and limb. The kind that is content from a good day’s meeting. The kind that says both inwardly and loudly to friends who are now our book club family; 

‘Today was fantastic! I can’t wait to see you all next time!!’


We shall be going to the Animal Orphanage this last Saturday of February.

Have you booked your slot yet?

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