Africa Kids Book Club


The world of a child between the ages of four  to six years is one of imagination and magic. For many children their creativity will begin to reach its peak before the age of 6, after which it will begin to decline with the onset of formal schooling. However, supporting your child’s creativity in pre schooling years sets the stage to foster it’s continued development in the years beyond.

At Africa Kid’s Book club and more especially in Shira Group ( 4- 6 year olds ) we enable children to stretch their imagination and creativity. We give each child a chance to read at their own pace and we allow them to interpret the stories in their own words and pictures.


We explore as we draw and paint pictures, model with play dough, do cutting and sticking, all the while strengthening the children’s fine motor skills and broadening their creativity. These children are further able to manipulate pencils, crayons ,coloured pencils and other drawing and writing materials.

All this is topped up with interactive games and sports after our book reading activities.


Catherine Waithiru 

Volunteer facilitator – Shira Group (4-6years)

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