An Ode to Creativity

Creativity has many faces

Creativity has many forms

It is the splatter of paint on the wall in tiny hand prints 

It is the precise brush stroke upon canvas and paper

Creativity is many sounds

Creativity is many rhythms

It is the voice rising in melodious song

It is the stamping of feet in furious dance

Creativity uses many tools

Creativity embodies many instruments

It is the pen feverishly writing stories

It is the keyboard typing poems

Creativity is called by many names

Creativity is known in many spirits

It is Sauti Sol, regaling with their African soul and beat

It is Chimamanda Adichie, telling of the land of half of a yellow sun

It is Leonardo Da Vinci, timeless for the Monalisa

It is Walt Disney, to whom we owe our fairy tales

Creativity is a spark within me

Creativity is a flame within you

When we let our spirits wander

When we let our hearts take flight

When we let ourselves come out to play

And show who we are in reckless abandon

Creativity is not a prisoner

That we should keep it in cages and chains

And it is only when we have set ourselves free

That we become masters of colour and light.

Source: Pintrest.

Maggie Mungai

Bintumani Group Facilitator

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