2022 Founder’s Message.

Reading and Beyond: nurturing Talent to gain knowledge and grow skills.

We welcome 2022 with gratitude that we are alive and healthy despite the existence of the Covid-19 pandemic.

It is very impressive to note that in 2021 our kids book club members not only read the Book of the Month issued for each session but also read two or three more books per month. At the start of the book club most of the book club members averagely read only 12 books a year but now they read at least 36 books or more per year.

Last year, we were proud that our member’s achievements were not only limited to reading more books but also participating and winning national writing, art and environmental competitions.

Therefore, this year, we are moving beyond reading to focus on nurturing kids’ talents with the aim of gaining knowledge and growing their skills.

To achieve our annual theme, we will increase the focus on our thematic areas namely;

  • Writing skills
  • Creativity & life skills
  • Public speaking
  • STEM

We aim to nurture our young readers to move to the next step in their areas of interest and talent. Reading is a fundamental requirement to gaining knowledge and with this skill the kids will not only learn more but also enhance their talents.

As we nurture the kid’s talent, we shall also give them a platform to show case their skills on our online magazine that we shall launch in the second quarter of 2022.

Our Teen Book Club is phenomenal. These children are very smart, they are able to review, critique and give example of themes from the contemporary world on books that they have read. It is no surprise to us that two of them were able to author books last year.

One co-authored a book while the other published two books. We have no doubt that the members of our teen book club are the future leaders of tomorrow because they are not only avid readers but intentional readers. We are amazed by their zeal and proud of their achievements.

We welcome you to join our kids and Teen book club as we nurture confident and knowledgeable children from our very own country and continent by reading and going beyond.

Wishing you a blessed year 2022.


Monica Nyambura